Photo Antti Haverinen 2021.

Antti Haverinen is a Finnish IT-professional and mental coach, who has special interest in creativity - how to think, work and solve problems creatively.

28 February 2021

ANTTI HAVERINEN is a Finnish Digital Manager and Creativity Change Coach, who is living in Metropolitan Area of Helsinki. In his current position at Finnish Heart Association his passion is to catalyze all IT- and Online Service Developments with creativity. The goal is to make technology easier for humans to use and the same time make humans more favorable for technology.

INITIALLY FOCUSING ON web development, communication and journalism in first part of his career, Haverinen has expanded his skills to coaching and facilitating creativity. He is hosting Humanisaattori-podcast/blog, in which he examines different approaches to use creativity. He also produced Josniin podcast on life design based on Stanford University's principles.

AS A TRULY NEO-GENERALIST personality (ENFP) Haverinen has gained expertise in various areas whether technological or human-related.

HE GRADUATED from University of Helsinki (Master of Theology) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (eMBA). He also holds degree in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as NLP Trainer and Change Coach.

IN HIS FREETIME Antti enjoys writing new episodes for Humanisaattori, composing new songs with piano and sketching new runoismis. He has written on a book on runoismi that are kind of poems and kind of aphorisms but just different.

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