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Humanizator Phone - a simpler & human-friendly smartphone

This article is about building a simpler and minimalist human-friendly iPhone, which allows me (perhaps you) to recover from harmful side-effects of smartphone addictions while supporting creativity.

Antti Haverinen

6 July 2020

4 October 2020

We all are struggling with addictiveness of smartphones. It seems that it is hard to avoid picking up the phone and check out emails, updates in social media accounts etc.

Personally, I have felt that I have no self-control at all. By default, all smartphones including iPhones are providing too much attractions. And those attractions are stealing my time and mind. Or I am letting those to steal

How could we prevent us from negative side-effects of smartphone usage?

Could it be easy to modify smartphones to make them simpler and more human-friendly?

What are the basics that everyone can follow and implement into everyday use??

This article summaries my endeavours making my smartphone (iPhone 7) more minimalist and more pro human version that supports my creativity.

Set up the Basement1

When building a simpler smartphone, the following three tasks below are easiest and straight-forward methods to do it.

1. Use Screen Time for monitoring usage

When losing weight or exercising more, it's easier to see the progress, when you know the baseline such as your current weight. Building Humanizator Phone is no different. We need data to monitor change.

Therefore, set up Screen Time in iOS is crucial. It's fun (or devastating) to see how much you actually use it.

  1. Go to Settings > Screen Time
  2. Turn on Screen Time.
  3. Wait for one week in order to get a measurable baseline.

Strongly recommended, that you start measuring your usage on Sunday evening. At the same time next Sunday evening your can

2. Delete & reorganize apps

I bet that you have several apps that you don't use. I had. Unused apps are just cluttering your iPhone.

Do the following in order to declutter your iPhone:

  1. Go through all installed apps and delete all unnecessary ones. Hold your finder on the icon and select Remove app.
  2. Move then leftover apps into one folder by holding down icon and moving it on the folder.
  3. After finishing this rearrange operation your phone looks completely different.

3. Turn off Notifications

By default all apps want you to allow Notifications. In many cases these notifications are unnecessary. They just overload your concentration.

Do the following in order to get rid of notifications on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications
  2. Go through app by app and disallow notifications.
  3. Keep those notifications that are useful.

  1. Many ideas for Setting up the Basement are taken from the splendid article of Bryan Ye, who published his principles for minimalist iPhone Set up a Minimalist iPhone and Use It With Purpose in in 2019. 

This is an amp-user-notification. It uses a backend service to verify if the notification has to be shown.